19th at Kingston Heath Now Open

We’re delighted to announce the opening of our new 19th hole at Kingston Heath.

Originally built to provide an extra hole while the club was undergoing a greens conversion from Penncross bent to A1, over time the clubs 19th also become a way of ‘resting’ a par 3 out on the course.  More recently it became part of the tournament layout, with the PGA Tour and Golf Australia having a preference for taking out the 10th and incorporating this hole as a way of improving the spectator movement around the course and to allow the 4th tee to move back onto the 10th.

Whilst the old 19th was sound, there were opportunities for improvement.


Agronomically the green never performed as well as the other 18 and rebuilding the hole has allowed us to ensure the putting surface has the same consistency in speed and firmness as the ‘main’ holes.

From a design point of view the new 19th has provided an opportunity to better match the Morcom and Mackenzie style of green and bunker design.  Their best bunkers are intricately shaped with capes and bays creating irregular, natural looking hazards while putting surfaces typically feature long grades and edges that rise up into the surrounding bunkers or mounds.  These slopes serve to penalize missed shots on the ‘short-side’ by shouldering the ball further away from the hole but also act as a back stop for golfers approaching from the other side of the hole.

The tee carry has also been rebuilt with many hundreds of cubic metres of native soil used to undulations, then planted with the same combination of heathland plants and grasses to mimic the similar areas at the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th and 18th holes.

The 19th plays between 135m (men) and 110m (women) with a longer tee also added at around 160 or 165m for tournament use and to offer some variety when the 10th and 19th holes are both in play, rather than asking for the same type of shot.



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:: Mike Cocking

Michael Cocking

Michael Cocking

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