Great golf holes aren’t created in an office.  Sure, time at the desk is important but the quality of ones work won’t be measured by the pretty plans the client signed off on.  The true test will always be what has been left for the golfers to play and enjoy.


Construction and shaping are just natural extensions of the design process.  Too often they’re regarded as separate endeavors but we figured out long ago that the best results came when we spent a lot of time on the field, working to refine the hole as it comes out of the ground.  By far the most enjoyable and creative part of the process we spend countless hours pushing dirt around, refining and shaping until we feel we’ve achieved the best outcome.


In truth this is a throw back to the early days of golf course design, when architects would prepare a routing but provide instructions in the field on the finer details rather than documenting them with drawings.  Not that we don’t draw detailed plans when required but there should always be some room to make adjustments in the field.


Each project is unique and inevitably requires a different approach to construction.  Whilst we have staff skilled in design, shaping and project management we have also formed great relationships with many liked minded consultants and contractors who assist us from time to time and to help realize our vision for the course.