How We Work

Great holes are not designed in an office but with everyone involved in the process being out on the site, constantly thinking and watching as the design evolves to see if what we envisaged as a concept is working or whether it can be improved.

We thrive on being on-site as much as possible.  Nothing can take the place of actually walking the holes with the people you are designing for and talking through your thoughts – how the holes will play and what they might look like.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and prefer to limit the number of projects we work on.  We like being a small company.  We take a very active, hands-on approach to golf course design and never leave anything to chance.  We attempt to build our own work whenever possible, but if we can’t for some reason, we at least like to finish the greens and hazards ourselves.

Golf courses are organic and are subject to change both by nature and people.  Once we become involved with a project, we’re committed for life, and make it our business to continue to visit the course well after construction to see how it is maturing and ensure it continues to improve.