Peninsula Kingswood

Our work here began nearly 20 years ago, when we were engaged to masterplan the two courses at the then Peninsula Country golf club.  At that time the South had been considered the better of the two courses but it was our belief that the North had the most potential given the quality of the land.

Over the course of a decade every hole was changed in someway or another with around half the greens reconstructed, fairways widened and new bunkers created to add to the strategy of each course.  Aesthetically the courses changed too as we transformed areas to take on more of a traditional sandbelt look and feel.

Whilst weren’t able to explore every opportunity there can be no doubt the two courses were significantly improved as reflected by the rise in the course rankings.  The North has gone from being rated outside the top 100 to #17 by Golf Australia Magazine whilst the South has moved from #44 to #25, also with Golf Australia Magazine.

With the recent merger between Peninsula Country Club and Kingswood Golf Club we have an opportunity to extract the final 10 to 15% potential out of each course and make one of the world’s truly great 36 hole complexes. Construction has commenced in March 2015 and is expected to be complete by Christmas 2017.