Set in the heart of the Melbourne sandbelt, Commonwealth is renowned for its beautiful green complexes including the typically outstanding sandbelt bunkers.  Almost all the holes are arranged so the player who drives closest to the trouble earns the easier approach but prior to our involvement some of those strategies had been lost as fairways narrowed and trees encroached across the playing lines.


The work here has been a mix of restoring lost playing lines, recapturing the lost feel and atmosphere at in the south-east corner where a new 7th hole was built in the late 1980s and building new tees at every hole.  Lost over time had been the perfect connections between greens and tees and restoring them has been a subtle but significant improvement.


For most of the club’s history the course was considered the equal of Kingston Heath and there is no reason it cannot once again return to the heights of Australian golf.




Predominantly Restoration With Some Redesign