Kingston Heath

Kingston Heath members relocated their club from Elsternwick almost a century ago and since then various architects, superintendents, and committees have influenced this great course.  The course now is perhaps the best it has ever been, the result of a decision-making process envied by every club in the country.


For almost twenty years now we have made changes to every hole.  Some, most notably the lengthening of the 12th hole, have been significant but most have been subtle and hopefully unnoticed by those with a trained architectural eye. They include bunker and tee reconstruction, a long-term vegetation plan, restored fairway edges, the promotion of heathland areas especially in the transitions from tee to fairway, and the concept of linking holes with more short grass.


A new 19th hole is planned for 2017.  As it is now a part of the club’s tournament course it is important to make a hole at least the equal of the great 10th, the hole it replaces in large tournaments.




Predominantly restoration with some redesign