RACV Healesville

One of our most enjoyable projects was the reconstruction of this little country golf course almost 15 years ago.  With a good budget and creative license we built a 5000m course that was rated #35 in the country in its first year after opening. It was exciting but a shock perhaps to those who think golf should be all about ‘championship courses’ and 6400 metres.


The green complexes are the primary defense and they are some of the wildest we have ever built.  Mixed with a scattering of bold, rugged style bunkers and man-made creeks Healesville is the epitome of fun golf and more people would enjoy the game if this was the length they regularly played.


The holes still reward thoughtful play and good shotmaking and the aim was to have the scratch marker find the course just enjoyable and interesting as either the beginner or the average club golfer.  The highlight is the collection of short par fours and fives, which, like those found nearer the sandbelt, offer lots of options and tempt good players to play bold shots.


Completed 2006