Ranfurlie was our first full course design and it was an especially important and interesting project.


The land was good but nothing more, it was sparsely vegetated and it was quite a small site restricting what we could do with the routing.  Nonetheless the golf is good because the holes themselves are interesting to play and the construction is that of a sandbelt course with the bunkers especially looking much like something you would find at any of the older Melbourne courses.


It has grown in well as the trees planted almost twenty years ago mature and we are pleased the club has resisted the temptation to plant the fairways either side with wall-to-wall trees.


Recently the club sold its original course across the road and in doing so lost the water, which came with it. A new dam has thus been created on what was the area of the ninth tee and we have made a replacement par three which opened for play in 2017.


Completed 2001 & 2017


New design