Sun City

Anyone who has followed the coast road north from Perth will know how much incredible golf land there is between the road and the beach.  Sand dunes covered in ancient indigenous vegetation abound but there is sadly little in terms of great golf on this 30-kilometre stretch of land to Yanchep.  Given its location, so ideal for golf, the course at Sun City was somewhat of a disappointment.  The design of the holes was average and the course had lost the incredible and unique feel of the original landscape.


The routing remains largely unchanged with the only major alteration being the breaking up of the original 2nd hole into a short par four and a par three.


The new holes are much wider than the originals and much more interesting to play.  The bunkers look much better and more importantly, they are better positioned to influence the play.


The course is exactly half finished and we look forward to completing the remaining nine holes and making something really worthwhile on a great piece of land.