Seven Mile Beach

One of the most significant trends in golf architecture has been the success of golf in remote locations.  Golf developers have taken chances with golf in distant locations because it is in far-off places that great land can be found at a reasonable price.  In Australia the success of the two courses at Barnbougle has shown that great remote golf is commercially viable.

Mat Goggin has been suggesting for years that there was an ‘unbelievable’ piece of land not far from Hobart Airport.  Surely there could not be any land so dramatically different from the flat expanses of farmland surrounding the city’s airport but, sure enough, five minutes from the airport is a stretch of stunning dune land ideal for golf.

Mat and the team are in the early stages of the government approval process to develop on this area near Hobart of Seven Mile Beach. If successful, it is surely good enough to produce golf capable of making Tasmania the preeminent golf destination in the country.