The Lakes

The Lakes is an historic Sydney club that has long been a site of big professional events.  In the late 1960s the airport to city freeway cut through the middle of the wonderful old course and Bruce Devlin and Robert Von Hagge were commissioned to make a new course that opened for play in 1971. Over time the character and feel of the course changed as trees grew. The fairway turf changed from fast running couch grass to Kikuyu and architects altered the work of the original designers.

In 2007 the members agreed to our suggestion that the course would be improved by returning to the look of the windswept, open links that Von Hagge and Devlin had made.  The greens are certainly now more wildly contoured than the originals but the course, to us at least, is one that is fun to play primarily because the holes ask interesting questions.

The Lakes has hosted the past two Australian Opens (won by Geoff in 2010 and Greg Chalmers last year) and the championship returns again in December.