Bonnie Doon Update – August 2012

The new holes have been growing-in well at the doon and only the 9th (the final hole built) is yet to open for play.

50,000 heathland plants are currently going in the ground, with a further 25, 000 due in spring.  These will add another texture to the roughs and bunker edges and in time we hope it takes on a similar feel to the heathland courses of London or the Sandbelt of Melbourne.  Either would be unique to Sydney.

Below is a series of photos taken from the new 10th tee, which help illustrate the scale and style of our design.

As you can see major earthworks and tree removal has drastically altered the feel through this section of the property.  Around 40,000m3 of material came out of this area with the main aim of capping the old tip site where holes 14, 15 and the practice facilities would be built.  However both this hole and the 9th would benefit from removing material, allow us to cut the blindness of both the tee shot and approach shots down, and make for more dramatic looking holes.

These photos also help illustrate why its important to have the ability to make changes through construction.  Could anyone have guessed what the tee shot would look like once the trees were out?  Or as we were removing all that sand?  Prior to construction the tee was near the original and we felt a hollow would work well to the right of the tee shot – separating the 10th from the 9th fairway – and perhaps be cut as fairway grass.  A subtle penalty for straying off line – a good lie but a blind approach both for this and the adjacent hole.  But as trees were removed and we started digging the concept changed a little.  The tee shifted right by around 20 metres and whilst a hollow would still work well it became much bigger and was bought into play on each hole a little more.  Bunkers were scratched out into the faces to add some interest to both tee shots and here at the 10th it ended up creating nice diagonal carry.

:: Mike Cocking

Michael Cocking

Michael Cocking

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