The Little Nine at Shady Oaks

We’re delighted to announce that work begins on the ‘little nine’ at Shady Oaks CC in Texas early next month.

Routed on just over 5 hectares, the little nine represents an important part of the game beyond just its historical significance of the place where Mr Hogan honed his craft (the famed Oak under which he hit thousands of golf balls still stands in the north-east corner). The little nine represents perhaps the ultimate practice facility and short course – could there be a better use of a small space such as this?

With 9 formal greens and bunkers, it offers a somewhere to have a quick nine, a ‘break’ from the big course or somewhere for beginners to learn the game. Rather than a formal set of teeing boxes, the little nine will feature broad expanses of short grass to allow the ability to move tee markers around considerably. The limitation coming only with its popularity – the fewer people on the little nine, the more interesting the holes can be.

As a practice facility golfers, can seek out the same lies and shots they would find on the course, or stand in the one position and play to 4 or 5 different greens. Essentially, the little nine allows players to practice every conceivable shot up to 300 yards.

In our mind, the best and most exciting feature of the little nine is the ability to play cross-country golf. This concept allows the golfers to essentially decide for themselves where to play to rather than be confined to the tradition route of 1 through 9. Similar areas have been built including the H-O-R-S-E course at the Prairie Club as well as our own 4-hole loop at RACV Healesville and we hope to see many more in the years to come.

:: Mike

Michael Cocking

Michael Cocking

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