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Growing up playing golf on the sandbelt we were exposed to some wonderful designs at an early age, and Alister Mackenzie became an obvious influence after his whirlwind 1926 visit changed the direction of golf in this country. After working closely together for a decade, Mike, Mike and Ashley were joined by Geoff Ogilvy to form OCCM in 2010.


Many years ago we came to two realizations. One, that the best results came from spending a lot of time out in the field and two, that to create the best designs we needed to build the work ourselves. Over the last decade our team has evolved based this ideal and includes shapers Jason McCarthy and Nick Henry and project manager Rob Swift. In addition we have sourced many key pieces of machinery to ensure we have the right tools to construct in any conditions.


OCCM have the skills and expertise to follow a project from the first concepts right through to construction; in some instances we will even oversee grow-in. Our hands on approach means we can’t take on many projects, but we would rather have just a few and have them turn out as we imagined than accumulate clients but risk a poor result.

Geoff Ogilvy


Michael Clayton


Michael Cocking


Ashley Mead


Peter Bessey

Business Manager

Jason McCarthy


Nick Henry


Rob Swift

Project Manager