Royal Canberra’s 14th Hole

The 14th at Royal Canberra has been transformed by using the true width of the piece of land it occupies, and the principles of the original concept design of Commander John Harris. Harris had drawn the hole from what is now the 13th tee and he envisaged a dramatic tee shot across the lake on the right. For whatever reason the hole was never built and whilst the 13th made a beautiful downhill par three, the 14th always failed to make any strategic use of the lake. This failure was a disappointment given that it was the primary natural feature of the land.

The new hole captures the essence of Harris’ original concept. Tees were added to the right, trees removed and the fairway widened out to the water on the right and consequently, many more options of line have been made available from the tee. The most desirable line will depend on which of the three tees is being used but most importantly, players now have a choice whereas previously all they were asked to do was to hit straight between the bunkers on the left and the trees on the right.

Ashley Mead

Ashley Mead

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