Stage One of the Little Nine Opens at Shady Oaks

The first stage of our little nine project at Shady Oaks in Fort Worth, Texas has opened for play, consisting of greens 2, 3 and 7 and around a dozen bunkers that were constructed in June and July this year.

Our concept for the Little Nine is two fold. On one hand it offers members with a break from the big course – somewhere to play a quick nine if time is pressing or for those learning the game or who find the big course too long or difficult.

But the best and most exciting feature of the Little Nine is the ability to play cross country golf. This concept allows golfers the opportunity to essentially decide for themselves where to play to rather than be confined to the tradition route of 1 through 9. Rather than a formal set of teeing boxes, broad expanses of short grass allow golfers to choose where to play from – just find a level area and let your imagination take over. Bunkers have been spread across the landscape and whilst some may seem out of play when the formal nine is played, the reasons for their positioning will become apparent when the cross country holes are played.

Outside of playing holes during quite times it also provides perhaps the best place on the property to practice. Nowhere else can someone seek out the same lies and shots they would find on the course, or stand in the one position and play to 4 or 5 different greens.

We’re excited to be completing the works this January (2017) on the remaining 6 greens and bunkers.

:: Mike Cocking

Michael Cocking

Michael Cocking

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